Trainers and Speakers Sell Your Own Videos

The speaking and training business is bigger than ever. One very smart way to expand your income and your reach is by selling information videos in addition to your speaking and training services. These products should be sold “after the event or workshop” to the participants by yourself or an assistant, Many of the sales speakers, internet marketers made million dollars using this technique of selling thier own videos. these videos can upload on your website for selling, or other E-commerce sites, like Amazon, Click Bank, etc. You can even set it up as a download product.

One of the most popular information products is the V I D E O. You don’t have to know a thing about video to produce.

Why not publish your own informational videos on the same or related topics of your talks? If you don’t have any products to sell right now, a V I D E O is best to start. For some people these videos bring in more money that the talks, when you put it all together – a series of talks and a collection of How-to or information videos, you have a powerful combination. Another nice thing about selling your own videos is the markup. You can duplicate your DVD with a full-color cover and printed DVD for a couple dollars each.