1.   Introduction to Privacy Policy

RisingSun Video is an online survey company that offers powerful survey platform through SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Our team gives utmost importance to the privacy of the visitors, clients as well as our respondents. We keep their personal data secure and safe.

Risingsun Video strives towards protecting the information that has been shared with us. This privacy policy illustrates how RisingSun Video processes any personal information after collecting it from our survey tool or website. This information is the personal data that is used to identify any individual either directly or indirectly.

Here, in this policy, RisingSun Video will use the term “User” for an individual with whom RisingSun Video has established a relationship and “Respondent” for the person who either has responded to the survey offered by RisingSun Video Users or is in any of the User’s contact list. “Visitor,” on the other hand, is the term used for the person who visits our website.

Any personal information stored on RisingSun Video platform is regarded as confidential. This information is kept safely and only an authorized employee is allowed to access it. We, at RisingSun Video, implement and administer all the necessary measures to ensure security on technical as well as organizational levels to safeguard the personal information so that no unlawful or unauthorized processing or any other misuse of this data can take place. We also take effective measures against any accidental loss, damage, destruction, disclosure or theft.

2.   Collection and Usage of Personal Data

This section covers the particulars of all the three categories of individuals from which personal data is retrieved. These are Users, Website Visitors, and Respondents.

Ø  Front-end Visitor of our Website

If you visit our site and have not responded to our survey or used our platform in any other way, then this is the right section for you.

If you visit our website, this is a consent that we can gather and use your Personal Information as described herein. In case, you disagree with the terms and conditions of visiting the website that are given here, then we suggest you please do not visit our website. RisingSun Video will request for your explicit consent if it is legitimate to use any personal data or information collected through our website or given by you voluntarily. Please notice that any consent given by you will be solely at your discretion. However, if you do not acknowledge the requested consent for the processing of your personal details, you might not be able to use the site.

RisingSun Video has all rights to gather, record and scrutinize the information of its website’s Visitors. We may also track your IP address and utilize cookies for information collection. RisingSun Video may put together data gathered by any type of activity regarding pageview or any other action taken by the visitor on the website. Additionally, RisingSun Video can gather, store and process any Personal Information that has been provided to us through application forms on our website, for example, while signing up for the newsletter, or registering for an event etc. RisingSun Video can also access and retrieve your personal details that are available online on various social media platforms, in case you have provided any such social media related information.

This information may comprise of your first name, last name, email address, postal address, IP address, job title, telephone number, data related to your social networking, along with your areas of interest and much more. This personal data may also include your office details like your Company’s Name and Address. In addition to it, we may look for your interest in RisingSun Video products and services along with other information such as your relationship with our company RisingSun Video.

RisingSun Video collects all the data related to its website visits such as the number of visitors, their Geo-location, how many times they have visited the website, time they spend sifting through the pages of the website, number of clicks, how a visitor found out about the website, and so on.

Ø  Motives behind Processing Personal Information

RisingSun Video uses the gathered information to be in touch with the Visitors, to customize the website content as per Visitor’s requirements, to enhance the site by studying the Visitors reaction on the website such as navigation, clicks and time taken on a particular page so that the website can be improved and ads can be displayed on other sites for the Visitor.

Ø  Sharing and Using Personal Information

RisingSun Video may share your details with third-party associates, such as contractors and service vendors so that we can avail the services or transactions we seek, to see the behavior of the website user in order to enhance our site.

Ø  Data collection through Cookies

Cookies are generated when someone uses their browser to visit a particular site. These cookies are dispatched by the site to the hard disk of the visitor and are used to track visitor’s actions within the website. Cookies can neither carry viruses to your computer nor run any program. When you visit a particular website, you are giving permission to place the cookies on the device you are using. In case, you do not want to receive our cookies you might not be able to check everything with on our website. RisingSun Video may also send cookies from any third party associates for the marketing and other operational purposes. Most websites use these cookies and they may be beneficial for you as well.

Ø  Links to other websites

It is recommended to check the links to the other websites at your own risk as their behavior and working is are out of our authority. So, please be aware of such actions as RisingSun Video does not take any responsibility for the terms, privacy policy and content of these distinctive websites.

3.   Respondents of Surveys or Their Invitations

When you get a survey invite and you respond to it or fill a survey on our platform, you are revealing your personal details that make you recognizable to RisingsSun Video. This information is provided to make you aware that as a Respondent you are disclosing your personal identity to our Users. The privacy protection and security policy on our platform do not protect this kind f disclosure or transfer of personal data. Respondent accepting a survey invitation or offering their response to our User’s surveys means that they are providing us the consent to store and process their personal data on entirely their responsibility.

If you want more information on privacy protection and terms of surveys, you can get in touch with the team conducting surveys. It is User’s duty to make sure that their information is collected and used is as per relevant laws and regulations. RisingSun Video will not utilize the Respondent’s personal information for any motive even if it is requested by RisingSun Video’s Users.

Ø  Queries of Respondents

In case, you have any query related to your Personal Information that has been gathered by RisingSun Video through a survey, you may contact the team members that generated the survey and sent it to you.  As at RisingSun Video, we process User’s personal data for the business purpose, hence, we do not have any control over the information offered and stored in the survey forms. RisingSun Video is a Processor of the Personal Data and we do it on User’s behalf.

4.   RisingSun Video Platform Users

RisingSun Video gathers precise information of its Users in accordance with rules so that we can provide the relevant services to them. RisingSun Video Users gather data from Respondents whenever they create and distribute the surveys. In this section, we will illustrate that how these two types of personal information are gathered and utilized by RisingSun Video. We will also describe the geographical differentiations that may affect this privacy policy. When a User submits or relocates any data into RisingSun Video including, contacts, questions, text or media files etc. stays as the property of the Users and we, at RisingSun Video do not share it with any associate or third party without the explicit consent of that particular User.

Ø  Collection of User’s data on RisingSun Video Platform

At the time of User registration on RisingSun Video platform and afterward, also, Users offer us their personal information such as name, email address, their company’s name, telephone number, address details, at times credit card number and other related data. RisingSun Video utilizes this information to identify the User and offer them all kind of services and support, whether emails, or sales and marketing activities, or on billing details to meet the legitimate agreement.

RisingSun Video Users have the right to access, edit, delete or update their personal information by signing in their account on the RisingSun Video platform using their respective username and password. We allow our Users to create additional Users with distinct levels of privileges inside of their account. Any User can generate more User Accounts and select the level of access for every individual User they have created. After these new Users log in to RisingSun Video platform, they become obliged to this privacy policy and come under the term “User” in this policy. RisingSun Video retains the personal information of the User till the time it is delivering its purpose for which it was gathered or as per the regulatory guidelines applicable on the business.

Ø  Gathering Respondent Information Using RisingSun Video Platform

The surveys used for the collection of the information from the Respondents are generated by the Users of RisingSun Video platform. These surveys are then delivered to individuals, organizations, and businesses relevant to User’s business. Therefore, it is the duty of the User to make sure that the collection and processing of the information gathered during the surveys are done according to applicable laws and regulations. RisingSun Video, in any case, would not process the collected data for any other purpose or in any other way suggested by the User.

Other than Personal Details, Respondent’s Personal Data may also include information regarding their family, social circumstances and their lifestyle. They may also give sensitive information such as health details, race, religion gender etc. along with other personal details. This data may either be manually entered, uploaded or transferred by the Respondent as feedback to User’s survey on RisingSun Video platform.

RisingSun Video offers these surveys created by Users to businesses and customers worldwide. The purpose of information gathered may vary tremendously from User to User. If either the User or the Respondent is from the European Economic Area (EEA), User shall be the “Controller” as per GDPR directives. Hence, the purpose of the survey will solely be defined by the User of RisingSun Video.

5.   Various Geographical locations Involved

RisingSun Video provides numerous data regions to its Users. Data Region is an array of data center locations within the determined geographical area where the information of the Respondent and User is stored. No personal information is transferred between different Data Regions. For RisingSun Video User who has an account in any of the Data Region, the processing of all the personal information takes place in Singapore.

Ø  Data Processing As Per Laws in the European Economic Area (EEA)

If the RisingSun Video User with the account(s) is located in EEA Data Region, every data processing takes place as per the new guidelines of GDPR, EU, and its Directives. GDPR is going to be implemented from 25th May 2018 onwards and RisingSun Video data processing will as also occur as per new General Data Protection Policy by EU.

Who is Controller?

RisingSun Video works as both Processor and Controller in processing the personal details as outlined by GDPR and Directives.

When you sign in with RisingSun Video as User, you undertake an agreement for using the RisingSun Video platform. Every personal data collected by RisingSun Video through User surveys or feedbacks will be stored securely in compliance with Directives, GDPR, and other applicable security regulations.

Ø  Data Processing in the US (United States of America), Canada and Other Data Regions

For RisingSun Video Users located in the US, Canada as their Data Region, and other Geo locations across the globe,  RisingSun Video processes data in Singapore. All the required technical, physical and organizational measures are taken to safeguard your data and it is protected against any unlawful, unauthorized or accidental destruction, access, loss, modification, utilization and unlawful processing. RisingSun video will notify all its Users immediately if any of the mentioned events take place.

All the data gathered by RisingSun Video Users through various surveys is stored exclusively under secured hosting establishments offered by a reliable service provider. RisingSun Video has an agreement with its hosting providers that the hosting will be executed in accordance with the highest safety regulations. Similarly, RisingSun Video also complies with all the security policies and practices to protect the entire data on our platform.

6.   Terms for Retaining and Deleting the Personal Data

RisingSun Video does not believe in holding data that no longer is required to accomplish any purpose or goal for which it was gathered at first place, as per regulatory guidelines of that particular Data Region. Users of the RisingSun Video platform have complete control over the Respondent Data whether data collection, processing or storage. Every individual User decides the duration or time period to store the data for which their respective Respondent’s information should be kept. Hence, Users with the functional or active account have the authority to delete the Respondent data as and when needed. Once the account of any User is expired or terminated, every information or Personal Data in that User’s account gathered through RisingSun Video platform will be deleted in accordance with the applicable business regulations.

7.   Agreeing to the Conditions of this Document

RisingSun Video believes that whether you are a Visitor to our site, Respondent to the User’s survey, or the Users of our RisingSun Video platform, you must read this privacy policy attentively and after reading the document you might either agree or disagree to its consents. In case, you do not agree to the consent of our privacy policy, RisingSun Video withholds you from using our survey platform and website as well.

8.   Changes in Privacy Policy

RisingSun Video reserves all rights to modify this privacy policy as and when required. We will inform you about all the necessary changes made to the policy. Once we inform you about the changes in the terms and conditions of our privacy policy, and you continue to use RisingSun Video platform and website after it would mean that you have accepted the revised privacy policy of RisingSun Video. This document is an integral part of terms of utilization of RisingSun Video’s platform and website in any way.

9.   Legal Obligations for Information Disclosure

RisingSun Video holds the right to disclose User’s personal details or any other information without his/her prior consent in a case where we have strong grounds on the basis of which the revelation of this personal information is important to prove the identity of, to get in touch to commence a legal proceedings against any individual or individuals who are regarded as guilty of any infringements of rights or involved in damaging RisingSun Video’s property/belongings or to anyone who could get harmed by any action taken by the User, or of individuals who could either intentionally or otherwise break the law concerning these rights and property. Therefore, RisingSun Video is permitted to reveal the personal details of any user when we assume that we have the appropriate reason to disclose the information which is required lawfully.

10. Data Protection Officer Assigned by RisingSun Video

RisingSun Video also employs a “Data Protection Officer” that has the authority to manage the issues related to data protection and privacy. This Data Protection Officer can be reached at the following email address: [email protected] You can also contact us at

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