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Live Streaming


If you need live streaming services for a virtual or hybrid event, an online conference, or a lesson, we can help. Live streaming can be used for corporate events as well as personal broadcasts.

Live streaming solutions have grown in popularity across the world as a result of the pandemic situation in 2020. Live streaming of events is no longer just reserved for special occasions. Streaming live experiences for companies and brands in a multitude of different industries is what we specialize in. 

Live video streaming can be used for a variety of different purposes to fulfill your business goals. Broadcast your webinar worldwide or broadcast your event to an audience that cannot attend. For more crowds at your roadshow or open house, you can also live stream snippets from the event.

Popular Live Streaming Types


Get in touch with your employees, no matter where they are, whether it’s a keynote speech or a team message. It is a great way to engage with people both internally and externally through corporate live streams.


Your event will be more accessible online if you live stream it. You can do this as a live Q&A, concert, or anything else you want.


Tutor your students online, so they can learn from their homes. You can share your slide presentation on the screens of your viewers, which proves to be a great way to enrich your classes.


Would you like to share something with your audience? Maybe you’re planning a yoga session or coaching session? Contact us if you’re interested in getting started.

Uses for Livestream

Live streaming can be used by organizations, publishers, show organizers, training institutions, and even religious institutions to broadcast their content to the world. When live streaming is set up in a way that involves the audience during a live event, it becomes a powerful tool for two-way communication. 


  • Product Launch
  • Live Event or Show
  • News Feed
  • Training and Demonstration
  • Talkshow & Entertainment
  • Interview and Discussion
  • Speech and Announcement
  • Sermons and Worship Service
  • Panel Discussion
  • Sports Commentary


Live Streaming Singapore Services

Providing small to medium-sized companies in Singapore with live streaming solutions

  • Multi-camera and audio set-up
  • Teleprompter
  • Professional lighting

Where can you broadcast your stream?

Facebook Live, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Google Meets, Skype, Zoom. Anywhere where a webcam can be linked is possible. We are the best workshop videographer in Singapore.

Your stream will be streamed live by our professional team, and viewers will be able to access a private or public link at any time. In addition to graphics, overlays, and video insertion services, we also offer customization of live stream videos in Singapore. Contact us now.


What exactly is live streaming?

Live streaming involves recording a video with a camera (broadcast camera, phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) and streaming it concurrently, sort of like live television. Private live streams are also possible.

How does live streaming work?

When live video is streamed over the Internet without being previously recorded or stored, it is called “live streaming”. A live stream can be broadcast from a TV broadcast, a video game stream, or even a social media video. Creating the content in the former method, storing it, then relaying it to the audience, is different.

What can I live stream?

There are many options available to you!

It can also include a Q&A session to interact with your audience through interviews with experts, VIPs, celebrities, behind-the-scenes tours of your office (showing how and where your product is made, by whom, etc). Your customers will be able to see the excitement of the event itself from their own phones during a Livestream, so make sure it’s worth watching, with stunning content to share: new products, business announcements, major company events. That way they get to be part of all the fun from their own phones.


Is Live Streaming worth it?

Engaging the audience through a live video stream is an exciting challenge. Q&A and messaging tools help people interact with brands more than on-demand video. Live streaming can grow your business and increase demand for products, services, and events on a regular basis.

You can use it to communicate with potential customers and attract them.



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