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Most of the companies do not publish their prices for video production but again we are different in this! We know we have the lowest rates in the industry and if you shop around, you will find it yourself..


We know that key to a successful video recording is proper planning and this is where pre-production comes into action. We do lot of talking with our clients so that we can record the main motto of the event, seminar or the occasion that we are shooting for.


Post-production means that we take the footage that we shot and edit it into a FULL FEATURE HD Video. We do it all for you: Color grading, editing, motion graphics and much more to make your videos the best in the industry! We will even add titles, sound and color correction to the video recorded. We encode the video for DVD, web or Blu-ray. We can even upload the video on YouTube, website or mobile phones, where you want it to be projected!


There are many packages included for the recording of the videos. Normally, we make use of a full HD DSLR camera with a tripod, light and microphone.


We have the best talent of Singapore working with us.  Our videographers are highly talented and experienced.


One Videographer with 1 Camera